The Constitution of Shimokitazawa First Avenue Shopping Union

The Shimokitazawa First Avenue Shopping Union took over from the traditional shopping avenue which our predecessors built up with great effort. We make it our mission to preserve this legacy and encourage further development of the area.
Furthermore, we strive for security the area as well as for disaster prevention. We also want to secure the traditional culture of the avenue while helping to create new culture. We believe that everyone who takes part in commercial activities in Shimokitazawa is responsible for supporting this initiative as an integral part of the community and as a result , has the right to benefit from the fruit of these commercial activities.

  • We stand by these principles and hereby establish the Constitution of Shimokitazawa as below:
  • -We strive to maintain an atmosphere of comfort and convenience for shoppers to enjoy their experience.
  • -We vow to take part in the local community’s events and festivals and to establish an amicable community
    rich in cultural flavor.
  • -We vow to observe this constitution and rules with solidarity and teamwork and make every effort to nurture the community in an orderly manner.

Effective from December 27th , 2001
Shimokitazawa First Avenue Shopping Union