French Restaurant
下北沢熟成室 Shimokitazawa Jyukuseishitsu

Specialized for quality matured food.

Jyukuseishitsu is dining bar, the restaurant which concept is “matured” food. We mainly use organic vegetables.
Seasonings we use are also naturally brewed soy sauce and vinegar. Spices are organic too. With these ingredients, we homemade ”matured” pickles, bacons and so on.
We have daily menus so you can enjoy new meals every day.
We register in vegetable sommelier certified restaurant in August 2009. We have plenty kinds of drinks include organic wines. Please come and visit us!

下北沢熟成室 Shimokitazawa Jyukuseishitsu

  • 2-33-6, 2F Iijima Bldg., Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  • 03-6416-8150
  • Wed.~Fri.18:00~00:30(l.o.24:00), Sat.17:00~00:30(l.o.24:00),Sun.17:00~22:30(l.o.22:00)
  • Mon. Tue.

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